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Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting Specialists, LLC accepts payment for our services through Paypal. You can pay  us with any major credit card or use your own Paypal account if you have one.  Choose the service you wish to receive or are currently receiving, and make the proper payment. Payments are accepted here for all services as noted below and any other out-of-pocket fees that are due.  Just select your payment option and click the button --- its fast and easy!


We Accept All Major Credit Cards Through Paypal 

~ No Account Needed ~



1.  Tele-Mental Health Services

Service Supplied:  50 Minute Telephone Session Or 50 Minute Video Session. After your Therapist has discussed your payment with you, choose the correct amount below that has been scheduled for you. Do Not attempt to pay until this has been discussed with your Therapist. You can pay for one session or multiple sessions.

Item#: TMHS  (Doxy.Me Sessions/Private Pay)

Price:  $120.00/$100.00/$80.00  (Sliding Fee Scale)

Choose Your Scheduled Fee:



2.  Co-Payments

Service Supplied:  This is the fee that is set up by your Insurance Company that is required to be paid by you for services rendered by Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting Specialists LLC. By law, we are contractually obligated to collect these fees and cannot waive them under any circumstances.

Item#: CPP

Price:  $5.00-$100.00  




Item#: CPP_01 (Option 1)

Payments From $5.00 - $50.00



Item#: CPP_02 (Option 2)

Payments From $55.00 - $100.00

Choose Fee:

Choose Fee:



3.  Assessment To Confirm/Rule Out Diagnosis Of PTSD/Anxiety Disorders/Opiate Disorders

Service Supplied:  Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting Specialists, LLC, and Dr. Marie Gray, provide a viable diagnostic assessment designed for individuals to present to a Certifying Physician for acceptance in State Based Medical Marijuana Certification Programs. This unique service seals the gap with regard to identification, diagnosis and/or ruling out one of these presenting conditions.


This includes completion prior to HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Session: Informed Consent, Basic Bio Psychosocial Assessment, and Trauma Specific Assessments chosen by the designated provider; review, interview, research and drafting a short concise letter that is provided to the consumer or the consumer’s physician. A more detailed report can be provided for an additional fee (to be determined based upon our hourly rate of $200.00) or by means of a phone consultation between Dr. Gray and your Physician to be billed at $200.00 per hour.


Please Note:  Most physicians accept the letter provided which is based upon a reasonable degree of professional certainty within the scope of knowledge and practice. Fees for this service are based on $300.00 per service. We offer a 15% discount ($45.00) to Military Service Personnel (Active and Veterans), First Responders (EMT, Police and Fire), and those who are receiving Social Security Disability. Existing Patients can receive this service billed at 50% ($150.00).

Item#: DAMCP

Price:  $150.00/$200.00/$255.00  


Choose Option:



4.  Forensic Case Analysis

Service Supplied:  Examination of Records, Retrospective Analysis, In Office and/or Telehealth Consultation/Assessment, Interpretation, Drafting Reports and Court Testimony will be complete by Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting Specialists, LLC, and Dr. Marie Gray at the rate of $200.00 per hour. A Retainer Agreement may be drafted and issued based on the nature, complexity and context of the matter at hand.

Item#: FCEA

Price:  $200.00/HR  




5.  Complex Trauma Assessments/Disability Evaluations/Letters Associated with Treatment - Progress/Treatment Narratives

Service Supplied:  These services are not covered by your insurance. Thus, fees associated with these services remain the responsibility of the client/family and are billable at the $200.00 per hour rate payable in advance at a 2.0 hour minimum collected in advance. This is subject to the type of assessment, the amount of information involved for review, assessment, interpretation as well as with regard to research and drafting the actual report. As such, if the report remains to be of a comprehensive nature, more of a deposit may be required and will be determined and discussed at the time of agreement for service.

Item#: CDLP

Price:  $400.00/2 HR   




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